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The Value of "Values" in our profession

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Values are the things that we believe in and which we think are important. Each person has a value system, which has been influenced by their background and their philosophy of life.

Contrary to what some may think, to a successful salesperson values do matter - they are at the heart of everything they do. Our inner values ultimately determine who we are and who we will become. It is a good idea to prioritize our values in such a way that when they conflict with one another we will have a pre-established idea of which ones we don't dare to discard.

Some jobs provide a scope for expressing our beliefs, while other occupations go against certain values we consider non-negotiable. You should find that a job that supports your value system would interest and motivate you far more than a job that goes against it.

Because there is a strong relationship between jobs and lifestyle, the things that you value in your lifestyle - income, location, free time, etc. - can also play an important part in your career choice.

Sometimes we resist doing what we know is right. I don't want to get into moral definitions of right and wrong, but we all have a very good idea of what is ethical. If we don't, the craving to reach a win-win situation with our client is my best definition of a positive, fundamental, value.

When someone does the wrong thing knowing it is wrong, two things may be happening: Either they haven't developed the habit of neutralizing strong inner urges that tempt them; or they have established the wrong habits and don't know how to eliminate them effectively.