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30 Things To Do in Pullman Washington: Day 29

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As a Realtor that helps lots of folks relocate to our great community, I am often asked about things to do or great restaurants to visit.   One you must put on your short list of restaurants to try is "The Black Cypress." 

The Black Cypress is abosolutely amazing!  I have had the privilege of eating there many times, and it impresses me everytime.  Two of my favorites are the incredible pork chops....and the chicken is beyond words in my humble opinion.  And their rolls are irresistible.  I know...I have tried to resist to no avail!

I have both been treated and treated many people to a wonderful nite at the Cypress. They also have a great selection of beautiful wines and a great selection of some of the best micro brews to compliment your dinner.  They also have a intimate bar as well.  The service is exceptional...and I mean exceptional!  They are knowledgeable, friendly and serve in almost a seamless motion.

The restaurant is small and intimate.  They have recently expanded next door as well to sit larger parties.  I think that was a good move for this restaurant whose reputation is growing both in Pullman and outside Pullman as well.  So if you are near Pullman, you might want to treat yourself to dinner at the Black Cypress. 

They are located at 215 Main Street in downtown Pullman.  The bar is open 4 till lave Monday-Saturday, with dinner from 5-10 Monday-Saturday.

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