RainCamp: Building a 5 Star Business on a 1 Star Budget

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Ever since Rain Camp did a live class in New Orleans I've been hooked to watching every Rain Camp since that time. If you've near attend a Rain Camp this is a great resource for your 2013 business planning.

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RainCamp - Building a 5 Star Business on a 1 Star Budget

There are no shortage of companies willing to help you track down your next client for a fee. In this industry, leads can be found in just about every corner of the internet. But the most effective ways to land your next client may just be putting in a little extra hard work or working smarter, not doling out that next dollar.

RainCamp: Building a 5 Star Business on a 1 Star Budget
Wednesday December 5th
9:00am-11:00am Pacific Time (12:00pm-2:00pm Eastern)
Free, Limited to first 1000 Attendees

As with all past RainCamps we will be limited to the first 1000 people that attend. And as with all past RainCamps, we will have more than 1000 people trying to get in. Why? Because you can expect some great content from some dynamic speakers. The first two guys I have the pleasure of announcing today will fit that bill to a T.

Maybe you're familar with our first speaker.

Ben KinneyBen Kinney - Listings to Leads

Ben has been sharing awesome content with us at RainCamp since we first started doing RainCamp back in 2009. And if anyone is cheap frugal when it comes to finding their next client, it's Ben. You don't build a business that closes over 500 transactions per year by spending money on every shiny object that comes along.

One thing Ben learned early in his career is that every listing he takes is an opportunity to generate a bunch of new prospects for his business. Ben fully expects that every listing taken by his team will result in 20 new prospects for his business. At RainCamp he is going to show you the systems that has made his listing business a major source of buyer leads for his real estate team. Many agents understand that having listings is a key to longevity in the business, but are you utilizing all of the ideas and opportunities to make sure that listing generates additional prospects?

Join us at RainCamp and I promise you will walk away with a concrete plan you can put into action to make your listings even more profitable.

You might be less familiar with our next speaker, that is unless you sell homes in Myrtle Beach.

Greg HarrelsonGreg Harrelson - Your Database on Steroids

If you sell in Myrtle Beach, chances are you've been on the other end of a transaction with Greg Harrelson. Greg is with Century 21 and the Harrelson Group. Greg has been in business for more than 15 years during which time he and his team have helped over 2000 people buy or sell a home in and around Myrtle Beach. Yep, that's 133 people per year on average who find and use Greg. Or maybe a better explanation is that's over 133 people per year that Greg finds! So how does he go about finding that next client?

Greg's going to share some of the prospecting methods he uses to land his next client. Someone described him to me as a prospecting monster. I'll have to assume it's the good kind of monster, like Cookie monster, maybe?

Being a prospecting Monster, Greg has built a pretty impressive database of people in his market that own a home. These aren't all people looking to buy or sell tomorrow, but they are people that should they choose to buy or sell, should be doing it with him. Or at least he believes that. So how does one go about creating connections with people that you don't know? Then taking those connections and making them acquaintances and ultimately advocates for your business? How do you take someone you meet on a prospecting call and turn them into someone that refers business to you and will absolutely use you for their next transaction?

Greg is going to share with us the power of your database and more precisely, what kind of value can you deliver to people in your database to turn them into an advocate for your business. We'd all love more referrals and people directly contacting us to help them with their real estate needs. Greg will show us how to do that.

Coming Soon

One or two more people that you might want to hear from. As if these two weren't enough! But don't wait, get registered today. Even if you can't make it at that time, go ahead and sign up so you can get the recordings. Yes, we will record it. But you'll miss out on some of the fun stuff we have going on at the live event. So just go ahead and book it on your calendar to be displaced only by closings, new clients or an act of God.


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