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Interesting Scenario Representing Buyers with Covert Agent Seller Continued....

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Scene:  The late January day is starting to quickly fade into the sunset. I am standing with the seller in the front courtyard as we see my clients and their twin 10 year olds pull up into the driveway.  I am happy that the tour the seller gave is over and now I can show the property to my clients.

Immediately I can tell the husband is infatuated with the property.  He has a big smile on his face and is imagining how he would feel like a king in a castle arriving home to the estate.  The wife is giving mixed signals.  I first take them to the center of the house which strangely does not have a paved walkway to the middle of the home.  (One has to walk through a small patch of grass to reach the living room or walk left to the kitchen or right to the bedrooms wing to stay on the walkway.)  Immediately the high ceilings and concrete floors are the first features I point out.  And the views are incredibly private.  There are no window coverings on the property as they are not necessary.  There are several dirt and paved roads as well as other estates that are peppered in the background, but none too close for comfort around the nine acre parcel.  I take them out back to show them the hole that had begun to be dug for a pool before the current owners decided to move to out of state.  In this particular case a pool is pretty much a necessity for the children and wife to be happy with the property.  The digging and plumbing are ready, so that is not a bad feature although in my mind I am thinking of all the dirt that would accumulate in the lower level pool surrounded by the red clay dirt of the hills. 

The gourmet kitchen (literally with commercial grade refrigerator and three ovens including a pastry oven) is probably 1500 square feet of steel and modern design.  Unfortunately it does not look like the house cleaner has been over for several months though.  The bedrooms are very nice and private with the same 22 foot high ceilings which in the master bedroom accomodate a double level, his-and-hers closet very nicely.  In keeping with the modern design, the bathrooms are minimal and have very small sink and lav area with an even smaller mirror.  The wife is comparing the concrete floors to her family's place in the Phillipines where the weather is much warmer.  She asks if the floor gets cold. 

Eventually we end up walking down to the garage area being escorted by the seller/husband who opens his "field of broken dreams" garage for us. He is very nice and accomodating and talks about the well, the construction of the property, and even shows my clients the parcel lines explaining how he owns the adjacent parcel as well.  Seller/husband was also overtly gracious about letting the 10-year-old twins play spritefully in his son's room full of trinkets and toys.  Eventually when we made our way outside the children were also playfully pushing the limits by throwing rocks and hammering on a boulder.  Seller/husband seemed to like their presence but almost too apparently.  His acknowlegement of the twins was a nice jesture though. 

So...........the real meat of the issue comes with my next blog.  Stay tuned for my dilema in my next blog.  Thanks for reading! 

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