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2008 Economic Outlook

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I have to admit that last year wasn't that good for me, but we have all seen slim times before.  Chances are it will happen again.  Does anyone remember the Jimmy (peanut) Carter years?  Double digit inflation combined with interest rates in the high teens.  This is nothing compared to that.  I was in the military then and we even got paid late a couple times.  I think the liberal press over plays this for political reasons.  As one of my favorite stars once put it "Stuffs Getting Better".  Have a great weekend!
Kurt Vierheller
Flagstar Bank - Wilmington, NC
we will rebound from last year and have started this year in the right direction. get with a great quality Lender, such as myself and watch 95% of your leads become sales.
Jan 26, 2008 07:20 AM