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GREAT POST TODAY FROM OUR HEAD GOD....BOB STEWART. Be sure to read all the way through his post.

And of Course Check out my Funny Friday's Post for a Chuckle before the weekend


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Original content by Bob Stewart

I love the idea of Paula's post

about doing one random act of kindness every day in December. I'm not going to publicly commit to doing what she suggests, mainly because it would stress me out trying to figure out what to do each day. But I am going to do 5 random acts of kindness in December. I don't have the faintest idea what they are, but I'm going to do it. Heck, if every member of ActiveRain did one random act of kindness, think how much happiness we could bring to the month.

Facebook is not a place to earn new business.

It is a place to cultivate relationships. The chances that someone you don't know is going to end up doing business with you because of something you post on Facebook is about as good as your odds of winning last night's Mega Millions Jackpot. You didn't win, did you? Stop thinking it is going to earn you new business. Instead, treat it like an opportunity to strengthen relationships with people in your sphere. But if you don't have a plan for how you work your sphere to begin with, Facebook isn't going to help. Facebook is a supplement to this part of your business, not the answer to it.

Speaking of the lottery........

I don't know where I heard it, but years ago someone told me that the lottery was a tax on stupid people. I'm not saying if you play you are stupid, but I agree with whoever told me that. (Wait, maybe I am saying you are stupid if you play, haha). The last time the Powerball jackpot got really high (it was like 750 Million, or something ridiculous) I read an interview with a mathematician from Cal Poly. He had bought a ticket even though the probability of winning was astronomical. Basically an impossibility. His reasoning; the value of letting yourself dream of winning became worth $1 at some point. So if you are willing to pay to dream, have at it. Otherwise, just understand you are being taxed for being really bad at math! (I fully expect someone who grew up in Washington to retort with 'some lucky dog's gonna win it'.....the Washington State Lottery motto from years ago).

Does your website generate leads for you?

If not, why do you have one? Seriously, why? Your IDX website (the site on which you display listings) should generate leads for your business. If you are blogging it should absolutely generate leads for you. If you are blogging, and your IDX website is not generating leads for your business, you are doing something wrong. You are either blogging about the wrong things, or your IDX website is deficient. Stop wasting your time. Do one of two things if this paragraph is about you. 1. Contact me. I will help you figure out what is wrong. 2. Quit blogging, you are wasting your time. Seriously, stop right now. There are way better things you could be doing with your time in real estate to generate business.

If I've ever helped you I have a favor to ask.

Actually, let me be a little more specific. If anything I have ever taught you helped you close a transaction, or helped a client find you on the internet (basically did my shared knowledge make you money?), I have a favor to ask you. Spare $5 for my son Kelan (if the commission check was large, feel free to spare more! haha). He's 5 years old and December 9th he is running in his first race. He's running in a charity race for the Arthritis Foundation. Pretty sure it's a 5k. I'm not 100% sure because the word 'race' sends chills up my spine. When I was 5 I refused to run unless I had a ball of some sort. Football, baseball, basketball.....didn't matter, but I wasn't running just for fun. To this day that just sounds.......horrible! But he likes it so I guess I have to encourage it, right? (Don't worry, he loves using a ball as well.....although he prefers a bat. The kid could take batting practice for hours. My arms is sore just thinking about it.)

We are working on a pretty major overhaul of the look and feel of ActiveRain.

Some time in either the first or second quarter of 2013 you should expect to see some major changes to the website. The designs are awesome!! I absolutely love them. We've spent a lot of time creating a new vision for the look and feel of the site. I'm not sure if I was suppose to write about this, so don't hold me to the dates (even though I was pretty vague). But if you read my blog, I figured I'd let you know as a thank you. Consider yourself on the inside now. Lucky for me, I don't think anyone that could actually get me in trouble reads my blog. Haha! Maybe this will teach them to keep a closer eye on me. Or maybe it will teach me that they actually do read it.

Do you want to know the fastest way to get tuned out on Google+?

Share your post with me and choose the 'notify people in my circles' option when the post doesn't apply to me at all. I don't know what circle you have me in, but I don't care about your local event, listing, market report, or a lot of the other crap you are sharing on Google+. I get it, Google+ is a great place to be. You should be sharing your content there. But just because you can click a little box that allows you to get an email in my inbox notifying me that you posted something, doesn't mean you should do it. If you think it would interest me, please notify me. If you don't have any idea what interests me, put me in an appropriate circle.

I stick to what I like

If I go to an Italian restaurant, I get Lasagna. Always! I rarely stray from something I like. And this way, I get a good idea for which italian place has the best lasagna. When I order from Jimmy John's, it's a #12, no sprouts, every time. I'm sure there are other good sandwiches on the menu, but I know I love that one. If I'm having a beer with dinner, it's a Manny's. I always get a strawberry and banana blizzard at Dairy Queen (too often in fact). My shopping cart looks the same today as it did ten years ago. I'll never try a different kind of macaroni and cheese than Kraft. I'm just glad I kicked that Twinkies addiction in my mid twenties......


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