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Take My House Off the Market During the Holidays?

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Often times, homeowners want to take their home off the market during the holidays. Sometimes feeling the stress of preparing for the holidays coupled with selling their home is too much to bear, so they attempt to reduce the stress by taking their home off the market till spring.  Advisable? In a word, absolutely not! (ok, two words) And here's why:

winterWhat kind of buyers do you think are most likely looking at homes during the holidays?  People with nothing to do or serious buyers? Most people, like yourself, have plenty to do during the holiday season.  It's generally those buyers who are very serious home shoppers are the ones still looking for those deals even with the holidays.

If you take your home off the market, then your neighbor's home that is still ondemand the market may be the one that gets sold, and not yours.  Let's face it, the demand is still there and if your home is off the market, then you are offering nothing for the buying market to demand.  Additionally, syndicated sites that pick up listings will really leave on-line shoppers totally confused about the status of your home especially since there is often a lag time in status changes.

Do you plan on taking any time off during the holidays?  Most likely, as are others, which often means couples (and kids) have time off together and can actually tour homes together during the holidays, a luxury which sometimes does not happen at other times of the year.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is the time of year when your home is most likely at it's spiffiest? You got it, the holidays!  And why?  Because many people are preparing for family and friends, they put out some tastful decor, and have the home clean from top to bottom.  What better time to show your home than when it's at its zenith?

fpAnd no matter the time of year, there is always a holiday or event going on whether it's a birthday, graduations, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, retirements, weddings, vacations, etc, that could make us think it's not the time to market your house. Truth be told, It's never a good time to take your home off the market. If your goal is to sell your home, you can't achieve that goal while the home is off the market.  

And lastly, if you're feeling too much stress, let your Realtor know.  They can walk you through the logic and help ease your stress.

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Courtney Cooper
Cooper Jacobs - Seattle, WA

Hi Tom - excellent points - consider tyhis posted suggested and I will need to reblog it, too - Thanks for the great write up!

Dec 02, 2012 03:06 AM
Tom Schoenbeck
Keller Williams Realty at the Beach - Rehoboth Beach, DE

Thanks Courtney, feel free to post away and have a terrific holiday!

Tom Schoenbeck http://www.delhomefinder.com

Dec 02, 2012 03:11 AM
Sharon Parisi
United Real Estate Dallas - Dallas, TX
Dallas Homes

Tom, you are right on!  Our inventory is low in Dallas and this would be the perfect time to list and sell.

Dec 02, 2012 03:12 AM
Tom Schoenbeck
Keller Williams Realty at the Beach - Rehoboth Beach, DE

Hi Sharon,  I guess the bottom line when a seller asks this question would be this: If everyone took their home off the market during the holidays, what is the guaranteed number to get sold? Answer: ZERO, including theirs!

Happy holidays to you!

Tom Schoenbeck www.delhomefinder.com


Dec 02, 2012 03:15 AM