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Pets have become an indispensible part of our lives. The selfless love and affection they share with us and our families is just priceless. However, while planning your trip to a place your pet is unfamiliar with, you ought to take additional steps to ensure that along with you, your pet gets a wonderful vacation time and together you make beautiful and fun memories that both of you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

Travelling for vacation, moving or relocating to Punta Cana is indeed a wonderful idea. The natural beauty of this mesmerizing nirvana is simply beyond imagination. The feeling of fresh cool breeze, the touch of soft white sand, the serenity of lush green forests and the gushing sound of the water simply stays with you in your mind forever. But, what might sooth your senses may not be that pleasing to your pet. Pets have very special requirements while on a move. Here are a few points you must keep in mind before planning a trip to Punta Cana:

Carry all health certificates: Upon arrival in Dominican Republic, you need to produce a health certificate issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian. This certificate should clearly state that your pet was examined within 30 days prior to your departure and found to be free from any infections disease. Further, you must also ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated and protected from parasites and rabies. The vaccination certificates must also be carried along to be produced when demanded.

Learn about environmental conditions in Punta Cana: Before deciding to move in with your pet, make an effort to learn more about the prevailing environmental and climatic conditions. Explore local magazines, travel websites or ask expat friends. In general, like most of the tropical destinations, Punta Cana is also affected by mosquitoes throughout the year and they may infect your dog with heartworms. Other than this, your pet may also be prone to fleas, ear mites, and intestinal worms as well. Hence, you must consult your pet’s vet before making a move and also as soon as you start living there.

Know about your new living area: Being inquisitive about the new neighborhood, before moving in, can be really helpful in keeping your pet safe in a new place. Whether the location is close to a main road, whether the porches are in full sun all day? Is there a fenced yard? Are there large dogs that are known to roam the neighborhood? Does the landlord allow pets? How many? These are some questions you may ask your real estate agent, property seller or the concerned authority before devising a plan of action to secure your pet’s life and making your little buddy’s stay in Punta Cana full of fun and exciting activities.

Besides exploring internet and local magazines for gathering information on pet relocation, you may also get in touch with Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate, your trusted partner in Punta Cana real estate market. We offer a wide range of pet friendly property options for relocating pets –and their owners. For further details visit us at now.

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