Symmetry On A Long Blade...

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I am an admirer of pairs’ performances, such as ice dancing, potato bag races or other tandem sports. Practice & more practice of course is the key to accomplishing the goal set; and this also applies to many careers and other life aspirations. 

Being one half of a team depends on tenacity, focus and leaving one’s ego at the door when stepping into the task at hand – working closely and in symmetry with the partner. Striding out with too short a step, or too long a step may result in an imbalance and probably a tumble too! A sense of confidence that you’ve mastered the routine can ensure you land on your feet. 

As a REALTOR® I treasure the team approach of working in tandem with either a Seller or Buyer client. Some people prefer to be seized by their forelock and led through the process; others like to collaborate and be a partner and walk step by step alongside.

Whether you’re hiring the services of a contractor, investigating the purchase of a vehicle or any other meaningful investment, please ensure to you feel comfortable with the service provider you select. 

At an educational seminar yesterday the Instructor commented that when a REALTOR® is invited into someone’s home to present their skills and value to a prospective Seller, it is commonly referred to as a listing presentation. Conversely, the more appropriate verb would be a listing interview – wherein both the REALTOR® and the Seller are assessing each other as to the probability they can work together and are like-minded. 

The similarities to tandem speed skating are recognizable – symmetry on a long blade!



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