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Are you showing emotion in your real estate transaction?

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negotiation skillsShowing Emotion

I have a saying: “When clients show their emotion, it shows their need.  When real estate professionals show their emotion, it shows their greed.”  When you negotiate, it should be done soberly and methodically.  When you show your emotions, you’re only demonstrating your weakness and insecurity.  Showing your emotions demonstrates you’re putting your own interests above the client’s.

Making Assumptions

This is another tell-tale sign you’ve given up.  By not ascertaining the facts and assuming what they are, it shows your unwillingness to keep trying.  For instance, you may assume the buyer won’t come up $10000 more and advise your seller of this and to not submit a counter offer.  But you can’t be certain of this unless you actually attempt to get the buyer to come up $10000.  You may not find they’ll come up $10000, but you’ll most likely find they’ll come up part way, and that’s better than not submitting a counter offer at all.

I teach many more mistakes real estate professionals make and how to overcome them in my credit course Power Negotiating.  This course has been approved by the Registrar, REBBA 2002 as a 6 credit course.

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Connie Harvey
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Gabrielle, unfortunately may Realtors have terrible negotiating skills.

I just stopped by to wish you Merry Christmas, even if I'm a little late! :)

Dec 26, 2012 03:58 AM