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I've  just been invited to join the Active Rain community by a long-time friend and home stager, Sharon Tara from Portsmouth, NH.  We've just recently completed (until the next changes...) the brand new version of http://www, and I must say, It's been quite the experience!

I believe that one of my greatest strengths is having the ability to actually "listen" to my clients and figure out what they really want to accomplish.  Getting into someone's head to see their vision can be challenging, but once you've done that, the rest is easy.  Sharon, my old friend, it was a pleasure to work with you. Any problems we encountered were be easily resolved with the shotgun and box of shells...

Sharon sent me a great link to describe what actually what web designers go through with their clients, so I responded with my own list from our experiences.  Remember, this is all in good fun...

  • You'll never be #1 on Google... maybe #2 or #3
  • I can't teach you how to respond to an e-mail
  • Home Stagers are # 13 on the top 10 best-to-worst list of people to work with
  • I'm not a Home Stager, so I can't always tell in the photo with the swan in it is the before or after photo
  • I'm not a Photographer, so I can't take the pictures in the correct aspect ratio, portrait or landscape
  • 30 seconds is not enough time to make your latest change received in e-mail #267 on Tuesday
  • I will build your website for a low fee because were old classmates , but you're not allowed to tell all your associates and friends that I will build theirs for free.
  • I don't write copy for the Living Room page.
  • You are normally only allowed  a couple of revisions of a titlebar, not 392... 
  • You can't use a 4.5 MB photo of your plaster wall in your house as a background texture
  • You're the Stager, you pick the colors...
  • You don't have to use every photo of every house you ever took to get your point across
  • Your daughter doesn't get final say on the finished product. 
  • Your daughter uses a Mac with a web browser that most websites don't work properly anyway
  • Calling from your cell phone in your car on the way to your meeting to isn't a good way to keep track of site revisions.
  • The Internet is a unperfect entity... it doesn't always work 100% of the time
  • Yes, it actually does take 24 - 72 hours for the domain name change to take place.
  • You can just send a link to the page, you don't have to copy the entire webpage and paste into an e-mail
  • Yes, the slideshow can be faster
  • Sending the right links for the links page is always a good idea.  

and yes, we're actually still speaking...

If you're looking for a website, please send an e-mail and I'd be happy to discuss.

Steve Russell


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Keith Elliott Jr
KEIRE Realty Group - Manassas, VA
Principal Broker/Owner

Hi Steve,

Welcome to Active Rain and congrats on your first post! The opportunities to learn and network are incredible here. Best of luck to ya!


Jan 27, 2008 12:25 PM