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Real Estate Sales Representative with Blue Water Realty

Currently some of the best deals to be had in Southwest Florida are short sale properties. Throughout this current economic downturn we have seen foreclosures slow down and banks choose to sell properties through the short sale process. This cannot always be a quick process sometimes it takes time and patience. The most important part of the short sale process would be the seller of the Southwest Florida property actively working with the bank to make sure that what they are providing is what the bank is looking for to approve the short sale. The listing agent is also an important part of the process because the listing agent is going to help price the helm correctly to sell on the open market to a ready willing and able buyer.


Cape Coral in Fort Myers short sales come in all shapes and sizes. From $25,000 pieces of property to 3 and 4 million Dollar riverfront homes the list of available short sales is deep and long. I personally believe that the amount of short sales is going to stabilize or increase just a little bit through 2013 into 2014 as we get back on her economic feet. But now seems to be as good a time as ever to start your search for your dream Cape Coral short sale.

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