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We just returned from a Disney Cruise celebrating our son's 5th birthday. To say that mom and dad had BIG expectations for the trip would be an understatement, and would only be second to the grandparent's expectations that they be immediately informed of the fun upon their grandson's return.

It can be a daunting task to meet or exceed someone's expectations in such a case, but for a reminder/example of just how easy it is to do, look no further that the crew of the Disney Dream. It did not matter who we interacted with, if they were wearing a Disney name badge, each person took that extra moment to make our son, and in so doing his parents, feel special and that the world was his oyster.

In reality, it really was nothing more than a dedication by Disney to focus intently on recognizing and making the most of that extra moment. From the moment we pulled in to drop our bags until the time we pulled out of the parking lot, all the Disney Dream crew did their absolute best to make us feel that we were the only party in town. Judging from the smiles from all the other passengers, Disney clearly made them feel way too.

During a quiet moment on the trip, I had a conversation with a woman that was beginning the journey of buying a home with her new husband in the Orlando area; a first for both of them. As we talked, she asked me what I thought the most important job of a REALTOR is. I took the approach of an agent that does not focus on the Orlando market, and instead focused on the more important relationship side of the ledger. I offered that my job is to ultimately achieve the expressed goals of my clients, understand that it is an emotional journey and help remove as much emotion as possible, and most importantly to walk my clients through a process that at times would test the patience of Job. After sitting there for a minute, she exhaled and exclaimed, "I know, right. This is stressful! It is kinda overwhelming. Well, not kinda...it is overwhelming." I told her to remember to breathe, and that if her worst fear of a deal falling through occurs, that everything happens for a reason. With patience and focus, the right "home" will present itself, and it will not feel like work; it will feel like home.

Right there, that is where the focus on recognizing that extra moment comes to the fore. Focus on that gives me the opportunity to get what I really enjoy about what I do. I get to watch a family grow together the way that mine has. Watching them reminds me of just how important my beautiful bride and son are to me.

So, a heartfelt thank you to the entire crew and support staff of the Disney Dream. You more than lived up to your name, and are a great example of how we all should strive to be.

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That is fabulous a job very well done.  That is how we should treat our clients.

Dec 10, 2012 12:02 AM