Blogging For Consumers or Collegues?

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It seems to me that a lot of people are blogging towards industry collegues instead of consumers.  The point of blogging should be to get information out to the consumers and not other real estate profesionals.  Perhaps you can get a referral from collegues, but the point of marketing yourself is to obtain/retain clients.

What is the success rate for those of you out there blogging on ActiveRain only?  Are you gaining clients or just adding 200 points per blog?  Why are people commenting and doing all the things they are in order to get more points to move up the ranking in your state, county, city, etc?  I started gung ho on writing a blog every day to be at the top of the ranking and then I questioned if there was any new business coming from this particular site's blogging.  The answer for me was no.  How many new clients are you reaching?  I would like to see ActiveRain doing more to promote the site to consumers and less to professionals.  The obvious key is to link people away from your personal website to your ActiveRain blog.  Is that owrth it to send people away from your own site, though?  How do you guarantee they come back and not find someone else's blog interesting on ActiveRain or someone ranked higher?   

I'm just stating my opinion, so if you disagree that's fine.  Just write your own blog on your opinion.

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Well to be honest Lisa, I do both. Real Estate is my passion. There are things I wish to share with my professional colleagues which I don't necessarily want my clients reading. However I'm always mindful that any consumer can sign up for an Active Rain account and read Member's Only posts. I'm not writing for points, but it's a fringe benefit. I've gotten to "know" many great professionals here, all the better from their Members Only posts. I know who I'd send a referral to in Boise, Austin, Scottsdale, Palos Verdes, DC, etc. 

The beauty of AR is that it can be for us, what we want it to be. My one frustration is that people keep trying to tell me what it should be.

Jan 27, 2008 04:57 AM
Vickie Nagy
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Hi Lisa! ActiveRain is an interesting "animal". It's a network, but the syndication is internal (to other agents) and external (to the public). Sometimes I want to speak on the same subject, but to different audiences in a different manner. An example, I recently interviewed a wine shop manager, I am going to write a blog about Things to Do in San Ramon CA and synidate it out to localism. I am going to write another blog directed to local agents that will not go out on localism, suggesting their Six4Sixty as a great broker's open drawing item or as a great closing gift.
Jan 27, 2008 04:58 AM
Joan Whitebook
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I am trying to do both.  I think you make some good points, however.  One of my goals is to do more localism posts.  On the other hand Active Rain is educational and I have found a couple of excellent referral agents.

Jan 27, 2008 05:03 AM
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There is room for the model you are talking about.

The consumer is the highest life form, and the housing consumer is looking on line. 


In the larger bloggosphere, it is thought you do need to be in a social community like AR, have outside blog at blogger or wordpress, and a website.

Most would agree that linking these three,c oordinating your "content creation" across the three areas, 2-3 days for outside blogs, daily for social networks and frequent new material at your website are likely to get you noticed.

Localism at AR - well, you are the local expert in your area, right? -

ANd read Teresa Boardmans blog, too - she is here at 'rain, has an outside blog and a website.

Check it out!


Jan 27, 2008 05:09 AM
Jennifer Esposito
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For me blogging to other Activerainers is a good way to get advice/learn.  I think posting to localism will bring me clients in time.  Luckily a client brought to my attention their house wasn't showing up on localism-I have now edited my localism posts and they are showing up the way they should.

All in all I enjoy reading AR posts and connecting with other professionals.

Jan 27, 2008 05:10 AM
Jim Dunlap
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I agree with you, Lisa.  However I do both.  I enjoy learning things about the industry from other agents, and like to share my thoughts too.
Jan 27, 2008 05:37 AM