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New Year, New Rules, New You - Real Estate Agent Training TipsAs a real estate agent and real estate agent trainer I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself, my business and the agents I train.  As a result, I don't make New Year's resolutions since I try to make changes throughout the year.

But there are lots of people and lots of real estate agents who look forward to the start of a new year to make a fresh business start.  Below are a few things that are important to be a successful real estate agent.  Some of these I still struggle with, but I wanted to include them as a reminder that I am a work in progress.

1.  Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

We are our harshest critics.  We are human, therefore we will make mistakes.  Let's decide to learn from them and move on.  None of us is perfect and conversely, when we do something well, it's okay to give ourselves a nice little pat on the back for a job well done.

2.  Stop Wasting Precious Time

Time is such a precious commodity, but why do we choose to waste so much of it? Stop pretending to work by doing busy work and get out there to interact with people who might want to buy or sale real estate.  When you work, really work and when you play, don't think about work.

3.  Visit More Properties

Real estate agents should know the inventory and if you're a newer agent you need to know a lot of inventory because your business will come from all directions.  Be prepared and take the time to view properties while you have the luxury of time.

4.  Attend More Training, Outside Of CE Classes

Without training you will get stale and become outdated.  Our brains need constant stimulation and we need to be challenged.  Regardless of how long you have been in the business, you can always learn something new to benefit yourself and your business.

5.  Attend More Networking Events

Successful real estate agents know that you can never stop marketing yourself.  You need a constant flow of new people to keep your business thriving.  The more networking events you attend, the more opportunities you have for growing your business.

6.  Know Your Value

It is far too easy to take on an unreasonable, unrealistic client because you are hungry for the business.  But you could end up doing a great deal of work for little or no money.  Knowing what you are worth makes it easier to say "no".

7.  Make A Difference

You never know the impact you have on someone else.  Challenge yourself to do the "right thing", to be honest and to be kind in all aspects of your life.

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Joyce, Thank you. I thought Candy has some great suggestions here. Happy New Year..

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