Tips to Staging your Home to Sell

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Tips for Staging your Home to Sell


1.  Unclutter:  Sometimes less is more.  There have been homes i have been in where it is a maze just to walk through because of too much furniture.   It left the room feeling small and less open.   Also unclutter closets and storage space.  These are 2 features buyers look for and when these area are cluttered then they feel smaller than they are. 

2.  Paint:  Painting your house is a cheap way to bring out the best.   Painting the inside of a home a neutral color helps appeal to more buyers.

3.  Fix small repairs:  If your home has some small repairs that can be fixed then do it.  You want to present your home in as good of condition as possible and some buyers will be turned off by a house if there are a lot of little things wrong.  Buyers can be scared away by the smallest things.

4.  Always keep clean:  Showings will be happening on a regular basis so keep your home clean and put items away.  Dont leave out dishes, bathroom items everywhere on the sink, dirty clothes on the floor, etc.  Also if your carpet has stains on it then get it professionally clean.  Put your best foot forward everyday, the next showing could be the buyer that buys your house.

5.  Put valuable items in safe place:  This really will not help your house sell but i had to add it.  Do not leave jewelry and other valuable items out.  Please put them in a safe or some place that is secure.

6.  Lighting:  Open drapes when you know showings are going to be taking place.  Let natural light in. 

7.  Curb Appeal:  Make sure your yards are in great condition.   If you are not comfortable or knowledgeable enough to landscape then hire a professional.   When a buyer comes to view your home, curb appeal is truly their first impression of your home.  Make it count.

8.  Deck, Patios, and Porches:  Refinish, stain or paint your decks, patios or porches.    These areas can be where buyers will entertain and come to relax.  They want to be able to see themselves using these areas so have them looking great. 

9.  Pet odors:  Many sellers are unaware of the pet odors in their home because they have come accustomed to it.  This can give a bad impression to buyers.  If in doubt invite a friend or relative over that does not have pets and ask them if it your home has pet odors.   Your house needs to smell fresh and clean.

10.  Stage outdoors:  Many homes have incredible outdoor entertainment areas that seem lifeless.  Stage them with furniture so buyers can see them entertaining guests in these area. 

11.  Dont leave offensive items out: Items like religion, taxidermy, political items, and many more can be offensive to some sensitive buyers and turn them away.  Remember this is only temporarily to remove these items and the sooner you sell your house the sooner you can put them back up in your next house.


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John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service

Michael - Thank you for sharing detailed list of information about tips to staging your home to sell.

Dec 11, 2012 07:23 AM
Michael Paxton
Paxton Homes - Houston, TX

Thanks John, i thought i would write down some tips off the top of my head about staging and helping a home sell.  Some of the little things can make a big enough impression to the buyer to push them over the edge to buy.

Dec 12, 2012 02:57 AM