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Bull Run Festival of Lights followed by Santa & Shopping

Monday evening my family and I went to the Festival of Lights.  I had no idea how cool this was going to be.  I choose not to go in the past because I though, “why pay to see Christmas lights when you can simply drive through neighborhoods and enjoy for free?”  I was so wrong!

This Was One Of The Coolest Things I’ve Seen! 

We drove up to the entrance with a positive attitude, ready to enjoy the lights.  After paying we drove forward enjoying each set of lights more than the last.  After a few minutes of “Wow’s” and “did you see that one,” a car drove up behind us and flashed its lights, then turned them off completely.  I realized we should have had our lights off the entire time. 

The Road Disappeared!

It immediately became surreal. Everything was pitch black, except for the light displays and the continuous string of white lights on each side of the road. The road in-between the lights disappeared.  It was more like floating on air then driving.  And the countless light displays became even more life-like.  The whole family agreed, it was one of the coolest things we’ve done for the holidays.  We are going again closer to Christmas. 

At the end of the drive there is an actual carnival with rides, food and games.  

If that isn’t enough you should drive a few minutes down I-66 into Fairfax and visit Santa at his Ice Palace in the Fair Oaks Mall.  

Here’s the official info: Open until January 6th; Mon-Thur$15/Car; Fri-Sun & Holidays $20/Car

Location: 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, VA 2012
Official website:


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