Mansfield, Missouri - Mansfield Mirror 1908 - 2008

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This week the Mansfield Mirror announced the availablity of free centennial calendars to help commemorate 100 years of journalism in Mansfield, Missouri. 

The Mirror plans to note the celebration with a special historical section this Spring featuring Mirror and Mansfield history and vintage photographs. 

There will be a special Mansfield Mirror cancellation marking at the Mansfield Post Office.

The Mansfield Historical Society has had a rich display of publications, but has offered additonal exhibit space to the Mirror this year for specific Mansfield Mirror items.

Not to be left to dusty, musty paper, the Mansfield Mirror is available online with RSS feed; right up there with the big boys.  Mansfield Mirror

At the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce website and my own regional blog: Ozarks Mountain Country/Ozarks Mystique you will find more information during the year regarding this remarkable and admirable milestone for the Mansfield Mirror.  This would be a good year to subscribe to the weekly paper and build a collection of information about the historic Ozarks.

The Ozarks has long attracted people who wanted to live here in the rolling hills that make up the Ozarks Mountains and the Ozarks Plateau where the land is vital and nourishing.  The mounain area with swift rivers which now are tamed by dramatic lakes had attracted tourists for generations.  The people are hardworking, friendly, but appreciate solitude.  If you choose to investigate the Ozarks as a place for your next home, you will find a plethora of talented skilled neighbors who are compassionate and smarter than they may have been given credity for.

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wat is the population????
Jan 29, 2008 02:17 AM
JudyAnn Lorenz
Bar JD Communications - Mansfield, MO
Virtual Marketing Consultant
Data isn't current.  Population varies, but view the community as a small town.  The town has never been a large population, but was started with a railroad focus.  There was mining in the community in the early days.  Located at in the heart of the Ozarks, the roads in and out of Mansfield are excellent for reaching other parts of the country.  Mansfield could be said to sit at the crossroads of the ozarks.
Jan 29, 2008 10:52 PM