Treasure Valley Idaho Real Estate Market supposed to be slow in Dec?

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You would think the Boise area Real Estate market would be slow in December. For some reason, December is always pretty busy for me. I try to think about the possible reasons when I have time to ponder the thoughts.

Is it because other agents are on vacation I wonder? Everyone just to busy shopping and preparing for arriving relatives or friends....

Then another thought. How did I end up in Idaho? Well, I came during my days off over Christmas and Thanksgiving to visit my wife's family and check out Idaho.

Guess what we did while we were in town a decade ago with our spare time? That's right, we looked at houses and started considering the move to Idaho. With the great economy, business friendly, awesome outdoors activities, abundant beauty and wildlife, I could go on. But back to the topic.

Thats whats going on. My past clients who have done something similar in their own journey to Idaho as well, now have family visiting and looking at the possibilities to do the same. Be it grandma, brother, sister, friend, they are now visiting and considering a move.

And of course, another reason. The market is doing very well in the Treasure Valley and is on the upswing. I've seen some nice recovery going on. So there is some sleeper deals out there to grab before the market heats up this spring.

So in this crazy slow month of December, stay in touch with your friends and family if your not already. Make sure your not a secret agent. You just might have some showing to do that will pay off in the spring. Or possibly a great start to 2013!

Enjoy your day, it is after all, 12-12-12!

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