Average Price of Homes in Atlanta GA

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You can see that the Median home prices in 2012 (Red Line) overtook 2011 prices (Orange Line) in March and have held steady throughout the year. These statistics include all of Metro Atlanta; however, some neighborhoods started increasing in price in 2011, like Oakhurst and Kirkwood near Decatur.  Or a more accurate account of where prices are headed in your specific neighborhood feel free to email or call me for an update.

Median Sales Prices shown monthly, by year, illustrates the degree to which prices are changing compared to other recent years.


After the 3QTR monthly increases, the 2012 median sales price has nearly reached that of 2010 in September.


This means prices are on the rise in many Atlanta Intown neighborhoods.

Want more information on Intown Atlanta Homes or would like market statistics for your specific neighborhood, take a look at www.IntownInvestmentHomes.com.


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