Bad Housing / Good news?

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The wrenching decline of the U.S. housing and credit market is daily Page One news and on T.V every night, can this be a good thing for me?  I heard a fellow agent in my office saying to another agent that she is glad the market is bad, it will weed-out part time & not so good agents.  Can this be true?  Is that what experienced agents’ think of in rough times?

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Ron Parise - Cape Coral, FL

I dont feel exactly like the agent you quote, but almost....I m not happy for the bad market, but I am happy to see the weaker agents leaving the business.

Jan 27, 2008 02:43 PM
J Manno
Summit Realty Group, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA


Great article...and every bit of it is true. The agents who dont know how to work or sell are leaving in droves.

Mar 23, 2008 07:48 AM