The Barns of Fairview Texas

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The Barns of Fairview

The Barns Of Fairview quietly sit in their pastures performing their job every day. They are as varied in size, shape and purpose as the residents of Fairview. We drive by them and most of us never notice them, until something draws our attention to them. I must admit, I am the same way, I have driven by a beautiful red barn sitting in a cow pasture for over 7 years and I never really noticed it. I guess I always believed this charming old barn would always be a part of our quiet Fairview landscape.

A recent wind storm changed my favorite barn. It lifted the tin roof off in places and damaged the structure beyond repair. I realized that this barn was destined for destruction when I saw the plans forThe Village Shops. The Village Shops has pointed the spotlight on our sleepy town and consumed many acres of land in recent years. Some residents love the shops and some hate them, but there is no denying that Fairview has changed forever. Deb and I are always driving around Fairview in our real estate business. It is a perfect opportunity to start documenting our local barns. I decided to start carrying my camera with me each day and making time to stop and photograph barns as I find them. With all the craziness of our world, it is nice to see something that reminds us of a peaceful time where life moved slower and people took time to visit. I hope ya’ll enjoy them as much as we do. I will keep adding to the photos on this post as I stumble on them and please send me your photos of our Fairview barns if you would like them included.

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Stephanie Stringer
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Brent and Deb,  I agree about the charm of driving around and seeing an old barn.  To me it brings back a lot of memories from when I was little.  Fairview is a beautiful place to drive in the North Texas area.  Now that I live in the hill country, I am taking long drives on the weekend just looking at the hills, seeing deer and finding old barns.   I saw one a couple of months ago that was shaped and painted like the old Lone Star Beer can.  It was unique one and now I regret not taking a picture of it. Take care and much success to you in 2013

Jan 15, 2013 02:01 AM