Who is building on Turkeyfoot Road in Edgewood, KY? Joey Votto?

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3313 Turkeyfoot Road Rumors - Is Joey Votto Building this home?

If you want to create some gossip in Northern Kentucky, just build the biggest house in the area on a highly traveled highway. Construction has been in progress on this home for what seems like years, but everytime I drive by it, there is something new done to it. There is one rumor going around about Joey Votto, first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds baseball organization is building the mansion. I have a theory that proves otherwise.

The property was previously owned by a Charles and Ruth Gall (found in tax records) and was a 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom ranch home on 7.6 acres. The MLS listing added that the value was in the land. I would say so, because when the buyer purchased, they paid $818,000 of the $895,000 list price and bulldozed the homestead. Tax records show the property in an attorney's name who currently lives in Hebron, KY.

Here is a photo of the original homestead (courtesy of the Northern Kentucky MLS)
3313 Turkeyfoot Road - Original Homestead 


The sale closed on 8/6/2010 and Joey Votto did not receive his $248 Million Contract with the Reds Until the spring of 2012. I would doubt that he would spend $818,000 on a BUILDING LOT  before knowing where he may end up. Also, why would he build that home in Northern Kentucky, instead of Jupiter Island, Florida or a similar area that has beautiful weather during the off season. With the lengthy baseball season, he would likely not be able to enjoy a home of this size most of the year so building in a warmer climate may make more sense. That is my opinion of the rumor. 

Now that the Myth-busting is out of the way, lets take a look at what really is happening. The photo below from Google Maps shows the massive project in action.
3313 Turkeyfoot Road Under Construction 

Rumors say that the basement pour for this home was 8000 sqft and the total square footage is said to be in the 15,000 sqft range. This home ranks in the top 3 of the homes I have seen in terms of square footage in Northern Kentucky. For most commoners like myself, keeping the lights on and the cobwebs swept would be a costly operation. This home is certainly for someone who has made their millions. The builder, Tim Burke, of Fort Thomas, KY has remained tight lipped about the home's owner (as he should). 

We may not know for years who is the real owner of this home, but it sure is interesting to watch the construction on such a beautiful home. 

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I think the title of largest home in NKY belongs not to this home, but to 10826 Omaha Trace in Union, Ky with upwards of 20,000 sq ft of living space. I believe the 15,000 sq ft estimate on this home includes the basement, as the home does not have much of a 2nd story (only in the middle of the house). The Omaha Trc house has a 2nd floor that spans the majority of the length of the home as well as a full basement. Sadly the Omaha Trc house is selling for only $1 million due to previous mold issues, but I believe this is the largest home in NKY.

Apr 02, 2013 09:23 AM
Aaron Smith
Keller Williams Advisors - Edgewood, KY
Northern Kentucky Agent & Investor

Thanks Bill. The tax records show the house on Omaha Trace at 24,963 SqFt above grade and 22,739 in the basement. I think you've found a winner. The listing agent shows duplication cost of that house at $4.4 Million. Thanks for the details.

Apr 02, 2013 09:03 PM
Will the house be able to be toured by the public? I believe I saw something a few weeks ago on the news that it will be able to be seen by the public the first weekends of may??
Apr 02, 2013 11:46 PM
jacon macaulay

Fantastic post . I learned a lot from the insight - Does anyone know if my business would be able to get ahold of a sample KY Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement form to fill in ?

Feb 15, 2017 05:28 AM