Fred Stewart for Portland City Council

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Just in case you have not heard.  Fred Stewart recently decided to run for Portland City Council.  He is running because he knows he can make a difference in how Portland moves forward into what will most likely be a rough economic period.   His background and experiences have given him a unique perspective Portland needs.  A friend of his, Commissioner Eric Sten, has decided to step down on April 4th and there will be a special election during the May primary.   

He needs your help as he has decided this weekend to try and participate in the voter owned election.   This means he will need 1,000 people from Portland to donate $5 and sign a petition to grant his campaign with $150,000.  This will mean he will commit to not seek financial support from anyone else, as the public is financing his campaign.  He supports Voter Owned elections as he feel it makes the election process more credible and fair to the people of Portland as well as the candidates.  He has 4 days in which to gather the needed signatures and donations. 

Can you help him?  He needs people that can help gather signatures and donations and needs your support, as well.   If you can help, please contact his campaign manager Shane Jackson ( / 503-577-7434 )

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