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iPhone and iPad

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This post poses a question: how do you manage your apps on your iPhone and iPad? Do you use the same ones on both devices? Do you reserve some specifically written for the larger screen of the iPad and don’t try and use your iPhone even if they will work on both?


Here is some background:

My first iPhone was a 3G. MobileMe integration and syncing between all devices made sense. Traditionally I have skipped an upgrade that didn't bring additional functionality with it. I now have two iPhones. When the iPhone 5 came out, I upgraded my personal number and being offered a free iPhone 4 made sense to switch my business phone to a smart phone (in case you are wondering how I could run my business without a smart phone, I had a personal iPhone and an iPad. I didn't need to do anything with my business phone beyond phone calls.)


The smart phone and tablet world have undergone remarkable changes since the introduction of the iPad in April, 2010. I am now preparing the transition of my business to a photography focus and I am considering what apps I should have on the iPad and/or iPhone. What advantages are there to having the same app on both platforms? What apps should I keep dedicated to each device? What apps are you using for real estate and photography?

Your thoughts and comments on these questions are greatly appreciated. I am a technology guru so working with computers, smart phones and tablets is not an issue. I am curious about your experience and your opinions.




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Tammy Lankford,
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I don't rely on my iphone for photography.  I think it's much better to have a SLR camera for that.  I do tweeking with adobe. 

Dec 22, 2012 02:59 AM
Catherine C Capasso
Catherine Cornelia Real Estate - Eastchester, NY
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Tammy, I have a Nikon, actually three; two Coolpix and a D60 DSLR, that I use for the professional photographs. It is amazing what you can capture on an iPhone. There is an entire cosmos devoted to iPhone Photography including a Flickr group. This isn't the point of my post. I am asking what others are using in the way of apps and what should be used on both or just one platform. 

Dec 22, 2012 08:05 AM