Xmas v Christmas

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Xmas v Christmas

I  get the blog written that I have been thinking about posting for the holidays and then I get an email which prompts another blog.  So, I will call this Christmas Blog Part Deux. (People who like bad movies with disgraced football players will get that)

I wrote Xmas in an email that went out to one too many people, if you catch what I am saying.  I got a response from the one too many, whom I really don’t know, but knew my background and was horrified that I could help in the effort to take Christ out of Christmas.  I sat there at first wondering what secular faux pas I had made until I realized she had written CHRISTmas like I just did.  I was still working with the Church (previous blog has that info) when the Knights of Columbus started their phrase and effort to keep Christ in Xmas (sorry couldn’t help myself).  It was an attempt to keep the solemnity of the holiday intact amid the rush of commercialism.  It was and is an attempt to keep some religious nature to a feast being so secularized that stores were putting out their Xmas stuff in October.  Almost anyone with any amount of a higher Christian education has learned lots of abbreviations.  X from Greek Chi is a standard symbol for Christ.  The X and P over laid is the Chi Rho christogram and the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ.  I see it as an attempt to go green by saving ink and a great excuse to irritate people that need it.  I mean to educate people that need it...nah...I do it to be a pest...better be honest or I will for sure get coal in the morning.  

However, I am pretty sure that if coal was really an option on Xmas morning...I would have a lifetime supply for my grill.

Merry Christmas to all my Christian Friends and to all the non-Christian ones that are enjoying a day off without the stress!

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