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Tree Service Bellingham WAWhat a great year in the tree service business in Bellingham WA and all of beautiful Whatcom County!

The tree service business in Bellingham WA started out slow in January, February and March, and then snowed balled all year long to a busy fall and early winter.

 Tree service in Bellingham WA is extremely competitive, as you can imagine.  Lots of good solid tree companies working hard to do a safe job, while protecting your property.  Most tree service companies I know in Bellingham WA, kept their same size of operations.  So many tree service companies in Bellingham WA have gone out of business since DigLynden started nine years ago.

What's exciting about 2012 for us at DigLynden Tree Service, is we didn't spend a dime in the phone books.  Referrals, and internet leads keeps us cranking.  We have taken off the chains of phone book advertising and aint gonna look back.  Never did like phone book leads anyway.  Got some great ideas for marketing in 2013, that will cost pennies compared to putting our company in the Bellingham WA phone books.

Even the referrals are usually not automatic.  People are very good shoppers in Bellingham WA when it comes to tree service for their property.  Everyone seems to do a lot of homework before making a decision on which tree service company to choose in Bellingham WA.

 I run in to the best tree service companies Bellingham WA has to offer and win most of the business I estimate.  

Let's face it, those with the lowest overhead wins.  I have decided to take a very conservative approach to running DigLynden Tree Service.  I have the means to leverage rental property in Lynden, and purchase all the best equipment.  You know how much a large commercial chip truck cost to insure and fuel. Yikes, no thanks.  We use one tons only.  They are less efficient in the amount of chips they carry but I can get into a lot of back yards, cutting labor cost, thus being able to bring a great service for a little less money. 

How is it that you determine a great tree service company in Bellingham WA.  Well, there is a few things to consider.  A great tree service company can be described really easy though: they do what they say they are going to do!

It may take DigLynden an extra day to get the tree service job done right, but when we leave there is nothingDigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 but the smell of the tree left.

 We know every aspect of the tree service business. There is no tree standing that we won't go after.  Advanced rigging, no problem, tight quarters, no problem, thorough clean up, you betcha.

We are succeeding during difficult times because we are professional and take our time making sure the tree service you need is done safely.  

Thank you for a great year in the tree service business Bellingham WA, looking forward to a better 2013!

Tim Bento Owner/Climber 

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