New Year's Resolution

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My New Year's Resolution is to be a better Realtor this year than I was last year.  To be a better Mom, a better wife, a better person.  I just want to strive to be Better and Better with each passing day.  Life has a way of creeping up on you to say the least and I just don't want to let any time pass me by.  

I read the book, "Receiving the Day" that talked about how we live in the 24 hour time of commerce and of convenience where it's 7-11 all the time, where coffee and donuts are available at all hours, where the rhythm of breakfast, lunch, and dinner haves no meaning, and where everday is just like the next.  A year's time is the difference between vacation and  non-vacation, between when I will work and when I'm not working.  Now that we can work from anywhere at any time, we rob ourselves of the joys of a real vacation because of our need to be in touch or ability to be reach at all times.  Our lives are under electronic siege!  Well not my life and not in 2013!  

I resolve to work to capture NEW MARKETS, NEW CLIENTS, NEW NICHES.  In Real Estate, people move around for many reasons and starting NOW, I resolve to work to EARN that business and to focus on the things that will make me more successful. 

Why People Moved in 2012

I resolve to make the best of my time each and every day.  There are only 24 hours in a day and each day I resolve to make sure each day purposeful and fulfilling.  I resolve to take each day with a smile and with gratitude.  I resolve to take notice of what days are special in my home, church, neighborhood.  There will be new beginnings in my life because there is always a first time for everything. 


So welcome 2013 in a few days.  Welcome to new beginnings and welcome to my new life that begins NOW through January 1, 2013!  


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