Boynton Beach Short Sale sold w/full release of deficiency with Chase

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 - Are you wondering if a short sale is right for you? Call your Boynton Beach Real Estate Agents at 561-352-3056.  The Waterchase home in Boynton Beach short sale was sold by your Boynton Beach Real estate team.  This loan even had MI and your short sale team was able to help the seller avoid foreclosure.  This Waterchase home in Boynton Beach was a short sale and due to The Treu Group's superior marketing and negotiating skills, the seller received a Chase full release of deficiency .  Your Boynton Beach Real Estate Team is here to help you too.  Are you considering a seling your Boynton Beach property? 




Yet another example of their consistent performance, The Treu group sold another Waterchase home in Boynton Beach Beach. If you have been thinking of selling your Boynton Beach home, call the real estate team with a proven record of success. This Waterchase home in Boynton Beach was sold and seller was able to walk away without the financial worries and avoid foreclosure. This short sale was even more complicated as the seller had MI.  Even in this situation, the Boynton Beach property was able to close.  The Treu Group has the edge with their in depth knowledge of the short sale process. We want to make sure that our Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County homeowners get the most money that the market will allow. You deserve a sold sign, we can help you get it.


So are you wondering what is going on with your Boynton Beach property?  Are values going up or down?  What has sold and who is for sale?  Your Boynton Beach real estate team has a great tool to help you see Boynton Beach real estate tools and you can have it free too.  You can sign up and find out what is going on with Boynton Beach Real Estate homes values.  




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Since 1989, the Treu Group has been selling real estate in Palm Beach County, including Boynton Beach home just like yours. The team of agents and customer care specialists at The Treu Group get the results that Boynton Beach buyers and sellers like yourself are seeking in today's market. Experience is priceless in the process of getting you to the closing table, and The Treu Group has the experience and proven track record to get you there. Let us show you how our proven short sale marketing plan will get your Boynton Beach home sold. Whether you plan to buy or sell in Boynton Beach, The Treu Group can help you too.


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So if you're considering selling your home, give Lisa Treu a call at 561-352-3056. The Treu Group are your real estate and short sale experts in Palm Beach County.  When we meet, we'll show you how and why our Exclusive Marketing Plan can help you get your sold sign too.  Take a look to see what others say about your Boynton Beach Real Estate Agents.  We were happy to help our Waterchase seller and we can help you too.


Boynton Beach Homeowners: Are you ready to move? Are you wondering if a short sale is right for you? Do you need someone that can help you on your Boynton Beach home? Do you need to have a marketing plan and strategy that can get you results? Call The Treu Group, your Boynton Beach Real Estate expert agents. We want to help you get your Boynton Beach home sold. There are some communities that are seeing multiple offers and over list price offers. Your home can be sold now if you follow our advice: have the condition right, set the price perfect and we’ll make sure the marketing is perfect. Inventory is down, giving you the advantage. Call us to discuss if now is the perfect time to sell for you.  You can call your Boynton Beach Real Estate Team at 561-352-3056.

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