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http://www.treugroup.com - 561-352-3056 - 2012 is winding down and we are all getting excited about 2013.  We wanted to share some of our lessons while selling Palm Beach County real estate.  It is so wonderful that what we learned will help us to create opportunities in 2013 for team members, buyers and sellers too.  I hope you do the same too.  We love selling Palm Beach County Real Estate however what we have realized is that it so much more.  It is about Passion to start with.


Who you do something with matter more than what you do.  This was a big lesson that we have learned.  I am so proud of those that are part of the team.  We are really glad to see each other everyday.  We work hard however we also have a lot of fun.  Oh do we every.  This year, The Treu Group has attended amazing training that has given us the competitive edge that our clients deserve, have had fun contests which allowed us to go on a fun cruise, celebrated Birthdays, been to Holiday parties together and there was even a Dirty Santa party.  One of the best things that we did was establish our Core Values.  After Ashley Treu and I attended the Zappos tour, we wanted to create our Core Values.  The Core Values is what we measure all hiring and business decisions.  What are The Treu Group Core Values?  Check them out.  We are proud that we captured what we stand for at The Treu Group.




What are The Treu Group Core Values?The Treu Group has defined who we are and what we stand for.  We have become clear on our team culture and are looking for team members that share the same values     

  1. Establish opportunity through win-win relationships.  The Treu Group believes    that we are in business to create opportunities with sellers, buyers, team members and trusted business partners.   

2.  Deliver amazing experiences.  It is not just about the closing, it is about the journey.  We strive to make the real estate experience memorable and look for ways to wow our clients. 

3.  Welcome a positive and fun environment.  We work hard and play hard.  Each day, we look for ways to bring a little laughter into the workplace and celebrate success. 

4.  Communicate with integrity and trust.  We take a honest straight forward approach.  We believe that open and honest commmunication allows for real connections.   Doing what is right versus what is easy.

5.  Build a positive and supportive team though happiness and excellence. We have  a supportive environment that helps others achieve their goals. 

6.   Do more with less. Keep it simple sweetie.   

7.   Be open-minded and willing to grow.  We are learning based and always looking at ways to improve our the team and ourselves. 

8.   Live a passionate and determined life.  We love being surrounded by people who have a passion for life and a desire to do more with themselves.  We love what we do and we thrive by being around others that love what they do too.

9.   Make a difference.  As a team, we care about our community that we sell in and are looking for ways that we can give back.

10.Remember that our clients are the reason for our success.  We are in business to  serve our clients and realize they are the reason we are in business. 

What else have we learned?  Your Palm Beach County real estate team has learned that there are new challenges and our goal is to stay ahead of them.  There is opportunity in every challenge.  You can either focus on what is good or what is bad.  We chose the good in life.  



You don't succeed alone.  The Treu Group has been so blessed to have those that have supported us, cared for us and encouraged us.  We are so thankful for all of the people that have been there for us.  

Hard work does pay off.  Of course you have to work smarter too.  When you hire your Palm Beach County real estate team, you can take confidence that no one will out work us.  Additionally, we always make sure we have the competitive advantage with tools that get our clients to the closing table.


The Treu Group, your Palm Beach County real estate team hopes that you achieve all of your dreams come true in 2013.  If you are in Palm Beach County and you are looking for more opportunities, please call us.  We are looking for new team members, buyers and seller that are looking for a new experience.  

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