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Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you...

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Birthday cakeMy grandson celebrated his third birthday on the 23 of December.  He was in  awe as he waited to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. He waited with anticipation as he was serenaded by a 22 voice blasting out the " Happy Birthday  song.  His big moment was here.  The first year he needed no help blowing out the Birthday  candles .  He put both his little hands OVER his mouth and blew....and blew and blew..We all saw what was happening .  Everyone was in stitches & laughing so hard that no one was able to verbally tell " Little Owen" to remove his hands from his mouth..he stopped the breath from reaching the candles...well his mom was quickly there to help & yes...success..he was so excited to blow out those 3 candles.....this was a big accomplishment for him

I relived this enjoyable memory many times since it happened & thought...." you know... that is what happens in Real Estate.

We look forward to  a new year, a new business  plan, anticipation that Real Estate just has to get better. ...and we wait and expect success.

When the time comes for action....we stop the action and wonder why nothing happens.

One of the best Real Estate books I have ever read is the "Millionaire Real Estate Agent " by Gary Keller

Gary writes "Points to Remember: The Four Fundamental Business Models of Real Estate'

These four principles will surely result in a call to action to achieve our goals for the New Year.  Like my grandson Owen, we can enjoy the success by one little move......action..with a little help from the Masters

  • Models are the science of business
  • Build your house with a blueprint or risk ending up with a hobo shack..( love this one)
  • Warren Buffet teaches us to master the proven models before we add creativity
  • The Economic Model shows you where your money comes from, where it goes, and how much is left for you

As I continue to keep the memory of My Owen's third birthday party close to my heart I will take action on the three candle I need to blow out for sucess in 2013..Take action & FOCUS    

  Focus on the numbers you must hit,

  Focus on appointments

  Focus on your conversion rates



Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
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Congratulations to your grandson! wishing him to have many many many more after this 3d bday!


Today is my girl birth day, so i decided to check who ARers celebrate Bdays:)

Jan 27, 2013 10:19 AM