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Track Lighting - Manteca Handyman


 Installing track lighting in a commercial building with a drop ceiling is not the same as a residential application. First, you need to know local codes for fire and safety. Second, you have to have a working knowledge of electricity, and third you should have the right tools.


 Drop ceilings (also known as suspended ceilings) are made up of a grid with individual tiles. These tiles are soft and easily broken so directly fastening something to them is never really recommended without additional support.

Track lighting can be fastened to these by means of a "T-brace". A T-Brace is a telescoping metal arm that has a light box in the middle for wiring.



After you have the track lighting installed to the ceiling you're ready to wire it up. NMC (non-metallic cable) also known as "Romex" is not recommended above a drop ceiling for wiring. In fact, the NEC 334.12 (A)(2) specifically states:

334.12 Uses Not Permitted.
(A) Types NM, NMC, and NMS.
Types NM, NMC, and
NMS cables shall not be permitted as follows:


(2) Exposed in dropped or suspended ceilings in other

than one- and two-family and multifamily dwellings




The proper material you need to use is called MC (metallic cable). Although Romex is used for almost everything else, for public safety you should adhere to proper safety codes. The whole ceiling could be electrified if you were to use NMC and if just one wire touched the ceiling grid. That's just not a good thing to have in your restaurant or store.




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