Lake Oconee Water Level

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Lake Oconee Water Level

One of the best things about Lake Oconee is that the water level does not fluctuate very much. It will typically not fluctuate more than about 6" to 1 foot per day, depending upon how much demand Georgia Power has for electricity, since it is a hydroelectric dam. Georgia Power will typically start lowering the water during the afternoon, and at night will reverse the turbines and back-pump the water into the lake to refill it. There is no set schedule for drawing water out. It just depends upon demand for electricity. The lowest I have personally ever seen the lake down in 30 years was 6 feet. Sometimes, Georgia Power will purposely draw the water down, during the Winter months when there is the least amount of boating activity, and give people ample notice in case they want to work on docks, seawalls, etc. Because the water level remains constant, Georgia Power will only allow permanent stationery docks, as opposed to floating docks. As of today, January 2, 2013, the water level is at full pool level.

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