Strawberry Park Hot Springs - Steamboat Springs, CO

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Strawberry Park Hot Springs

If you have never been to Steamboat Springs, it is definitely a site to see. The real estate is beautiful and there are many outdoor activities. These include; skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cross country skiing, and much more. My favorite activity in Steamboat is going to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. This is a beautiful natural springs a little bit outside of downtown Steamboat. This attraction is open every day of the year and is a great place to come and relax. The spring consists of three main pools, three secluded pools, and little private pools that you get to use if you rent a cabin.

The three pools have three different temperatures. They are heated my one spring. The one closest to the spring is the hottest because it is right there, so I suggest you start at the medium hot pool. The medium pools water comes from the hottest pool runoff, which makes it less hot. Then the medium pool, dumps into the river. I do not suggest getting into the river in the winter because it is way too cold, but in the summer it is a refreshing way to cool down from the hot sun.

Then, there are the three secluded pools. These pools come from a different spring near the front of the facility. They are a lot smaller than the others and are all the same temperature due to the fact that they are so small. If you want some intimate time alone, away from the loud crowds, then this is where you want to be.  They are perfectly quiet and relaxing.

Lastly, there are the private pools that are only for guests that rent cabins. Most of the cabins have their own springs right next to their rooms. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, these are the best things to rent. They have all different styles of cabins, including a cabin that looks like an old time wagon.  They are even more relaxing than the springs themselves.

I strongly suggest you visit the Strawberry Pak Hot Springs because they are extremely fun. If I were you, I would go at night time, if you are not with any children. The stars at night are a sight to see. What makes it so different, are that there are not any lights around to bother with the sight of the stars. The stars light up the whole facility sometimes. I loved going during the night because if I was having a tough day, the stars and the whole experience, made me feel much better. I hope you all get a chance to attend!

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