Exclusive Real Estate Buyer Agent

Real Estate Agent with Adamas Realty, LLC

I am the local real estate field agent specializing in Southeastern Washington State properties, and look forward to working with you.

Our company - New Homes Realty, Inc. - provides FREE home locating and REALTOR services for both re-sale as well as new home buyers. All our services, from initial consultation through close of escrow, are paid 100% by the home builders (or home sellers) through pre-existing co-broker agreements. Hence, our services are totally FREE OF CHARGE to you, the home buyer.

Each home buyer's needs, wants and budget are unique. Therefore, the first step in the process is an Initial Consultation, during which time we would discuss your individual housing needs in detail. This will allow me to locate properties that meet YOUR specific requirements (i.e., proximity to employment; first, second, third choice of cities or towns; square footage minimum & maximum; number of bedrooms and bathrooms desired; purchase price objective; etc.)

My goal is to save you the time, money, and the frustration of searching through the hundreds of constantly changing new home communities (and/or re-sale properties) in the Southeastern Washington State area.

The Initial Consultation can be as simple as a brief, 15-minute phone conversation. Or, if you prefer, we can meet by appointment, at a local coffee shop or at your home or office. You decide which would be best for you.  Please visit our website at NewHomes.com

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