Avoid Round 2 Negotiations

Real Estate Agent with Exp Realty - Atlantic County

When a listing agent shows up at the house they will often walk the property and give you suggestion about improving the property. Maybe they suggest things you already know like adding a little paint or new grass seed. This is often referred to as “ getting the physically ready”.  I think we’d all be hard pressed to find an agent who doesn’t suggest a few of these things and yet we know that prepping the house for sale will cost the seller a few dollars.

Why then do agent’s avoid the crucial step of helping the seller when it comes to getting the house financially ready.  Real estate agent can be divided into two groups. There are those who do more listings and those who work with more buyers. Almost all agents will cross into both areas but  a true seller specialist will bring more exposure and marketing than a buyer’s agent as well as merchandising strategies, price positioning experience,  a risk reduction plan and solid plan for eliminating round 2 negotiations.

As a seller you want to avoid being forced into negotiations after the house is already under contract. Some well thought out pre-planned strategies such as having a home inspection at the time of listing is one such action step a seller might use to increase buyer confidence.  Home warranties are another strategy that can increase buyer confidence.

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