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Friendly Design.  If you are anything like me, you have some ideas but don't have the end to end thinking capacity to make it all tie together.  My dear friend Leslie Hassler at Luxury for the Home helped make my desires for a functional and yet great workspace a reality.

Here were my initial requirements:

  • Office: 9'x11' space with door and one wall with half height windows
  • Clean lines no clutter
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Use my recliner (they say taking naps are very healthy for you.. Heck why not a siesta?!)
  • Best for two people.
  • Inexpensive furniture
Initial Plan
Leslie Hassler with Luxury For the Home provided the following video with her grand idea.

Office - $860

Art - $150

Accessories - $300


  1. Removable Whiteboard Paper - $108:
  2. Wall words - Could be any phrase - $75 click here
  3. Bookcases: Two- 4 x4 Expedit Bookcases in natural ($280): Click here.
  4. Tables: Two - 59" x 29" vika top - choose your color ($80) - you will need to trim them to fit
  5. Table Legs: 3 vika square leg sets - silver ($90)
  6. Drawer: 1 - Vika Alex drawer - white ($80)
  7. Drawers: 4- Drawers ($140) - white
  8. Shelving Doors - Doors ($75) - choose your color  
  9. Large Vase ($119) -,default,pd.html?cgid=large_vases
  10. I was also thinking something large and organic - I think I would go to HomeSource off of Post Oak, or the main one at I-10 & B*8


So all in all, probably $1250 - 1500 to outfit, which is pretty good - unless you have pieces you can leverage from home.

Changing Offices

As with anything, one the main office started to take shape and we got to see what office I really had, I saw another office that felt better.  It had floor to ceiling windows and brought more light in.. SO I got a slightly larger office but the 4 x 4 bookshelves would not fit because of a small bumpout in the wall.
So I had to make a few minor changes
  • Bookshelves: Three 2 x 4 bookshelves
  • Table: Instead of two small tables I got one large one.. why? for my assistant because I should be in the field talking with people.
Final Plan

So here is the final list.
Office $2077
Art $400
Accessories $920
  1. Removable Whiteboard Paper - $108:
  2. Shelving Unit 
  • Table
  • 2 table shelves with lamps
  • Two Volmar Chairs: $540
  • File cart: click here. $70
  • Recliner: $300 (from home, purchased from client) with throw (TJ Maxx) $20
  • Rug: Ikea white shag $300
  • Art
    1. Accent lighting
    • Rope lighting from Costco.. changes to pretty colors
    • undermount battery operated lighting with remote. Also from Costco.
  • Blown glass vase.  Thanks Michele Granit on the 50% off sale $300
  • Accessories 
    1. Display for presentations
    • Toshiba 42" from $300
    • Apple TV $99 to use Mac device (MacBook Pro, iPad, iphone) to display and discuss with my client.
  • Audio conferencing so I can use my cell phone and talk freely
  • Environment
    • Air purifier $100
    • Dyson heater/cooler $270
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