Introducing Free, Open Source Property Listing

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Logo is proud to introduce free, open source property listing. Experience has taught us that, in order to get our properties the most visibility, we need to list them in as many places as possible.  This means paying the fees on as many websites as we can stomach, using the unreliable Craigslist for free, and trying to get an edge over the competition in any way we can.  Isn’t there an easier way?  YES!


Open Source Listing Options

We have heard the cry for simplicity and heard agents complain about their local resources, the inefficiency of craigslist, and the outdated or inaccurate information on the various aggregator’s websites.  So, to answer these concerns has created a listing service with:


  • Open source listing with full functionality similar to an MLS
  • A very user friendly format
  • The ability to list real property, notes, contract, liens, or stocks
  • FREE listing and FREE searching - No monthly or annual membership fees
  • Fully populated search results - you see everything relevant to your search
  • No commission sharing requirement (thats up to you to negotiate)
  • Information listed by individuals so it’s as accurate as the day it was entered
  • Listings only lasting 30 days (unless re-posted by original individual) so you wont be calling on homes sold 6 months ago 


But Why Use When There Are So Many Other Options Out There?


Here is why we have several offices ready to ditch their other sites and use our services exclusively:


  • It’s all in one place (marketing, listing, education, careers, investment clubs etc.)
  • It is so much easier to use and so much more reliable
  • Because of our aggressive publicity campaign set to begin early in 2013 and continue for years
  • It is such a pain for businesses and consumers to be ‘nickel and dimed’ just to view little pieces of information in an attempt to get the whole picture


Hello, can you hear me?


In 1876, Graham Bell invented this thing called the telephone.  But can you imagine being the first one to purchase it?  What faith and courage!  I mean, there you are sitting by your new telephone waiting for someone to call knowing full well who it will be on the other end, because only one other person even has a telephone!  Soon enough, they are all over the world.  Graham Bell was a visionary who had to overcome many obstacles from technological development to cultural and societal norms.


Revolutionizing an Industry


We realize that what we are doing is unheard of, epic and difficult to fully understand.  But when Amazon came out and said they were going to take over the retail world, people were equally surprised.  This is just an overview of the listing service.  Just wait until you hear about the hallmark of our site, the Exclusive Vendor section!  For now, send me a question and I will answer it.  Please don’t hesitate to ask either here in the comments or at  Or check out the website and put up a trial listing to see how easy and intuitive it really is.  At very least, make sure you subscribe to our blog because you REALLY don’t want to miss the next one where I go into detail about that marketing for as low as $2.10 a month! is introducing FREE, open source property listing.