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With the advent of this promising New Year, many people choose to make a resolution or two which they hope to fulfill and celebrate the achievement next December 31st. 

With a business plan at least in Draft form and a brand new day timer with crisp unblemished pages waiting for the first appointment entry; let’s remember to pencil in our scheduled personal time before anything else. As REALTORS® it is too easy to let our business efforts oblige nearly every waking hour – everyone else realizes the importance of some personal time to de-stress and refresh so it’s important to make those opportunities a priority. 

I read with interest of a couple who, beginning January 1, 2012, had formulated a mutual list of 365 new things they wanted to try out in the ensuing twelve months. They didn’t totally complete the list but have fewer than five items left before the list is totally totaled. 

For me, nearly 18 months ago, I had only one intention – to take out a membership to the pool at a local hotel. An avid swimmer whenever I get the chance, it feels like the tautness in my face and grumpy muscles are just easing away!  On New Year’s Day I joined up, and the water felt fine! 

Just as I am poised on the diving board of 2013, so are all entrepreneurs – so reserve a time and date to simply chill out doing something you love that’s not work-related !  I’m predicting that by next December 31st you’ll be celebrating the results of taking the plunge…

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