To Be Successful In Sales You have To Market Yourself

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My very respected colleague George shares from his 37 years of sales experience some very common facts of what it really takes to be successful in sales.  I want to go a little deeper and say what he shares can be applied to anything, any career, any work, any plan, any business endeavor, or any project you may be working on in life. 

The one component I recommend you add to his valuable plan of action below is Joy.  There is a Gift of Fulfillment when you can look forward to experiencing the unfolding of each step of whatever you need to do, or go through to acquire the level of success as your Goal.  When you can get to the place of fully enjoying the Work, you find a wonderful Gift from Joy, is you get the strength to endure until the success comes.    

I recently attended a Grad Course at the Graduate Realtor Institute hosted by the Illinois Association of Realtors this past November in Bloomington, Illinois.  One of the featured speakers is a personal coach to Stars and Professional Athletes, who introduced the concept of my making my goals call out to me daily.  I understood right away what she was saying to the audience of 150.  It was one of those "AH-HAH" moments for me. 

She reminded me while I put the plan into action as George recommends below, plus operate in Joy as my strength, I must also keep the goal before my eyes, so in my minds-eye I daily focus on the the very center of the bullseye of the target (the goal), keeping me on the path towards my goal.   

Picture a car skidding on slippery ice, and you as the driver making the adjustments to keep the car from sliding off the road.  Obstacles show up daily in our lives.  I call it "daily-paying-the-rent-issues of life."  I borrow this term from a good friend Dr. Fred.  When I'm secure I'm operating in Joy in my work, the Gift to me is I daily keep myself on the path moving me closer to my goal, making the goal daily draw me ever more closer to it. 

If you have to read what I've just shared a 2nd or 3rd time for you to get your "AH-HAH" moment, don't feel bad.  I watched the majority of the students in this class struggle with her teaching.  What I'm sharing introduces there is a positive spiritual force behind everything we attempt to do in this natural world we live in.  My goal here is just to help you to find Joy in your work.  If you find Joy, you are half-way down the path to making your goal happen.   

When I first started in real estate 27 years ago, I shared an office with an older gentleman named Herb Weiss.  One day he came in the office with two commission checks.  He had just come from two back to back closings in which he had just closed on the sale of his valued Client's home, and had also closed on the purchase of their new home.  This man was joyful of the accomplishment of his work at his old age.  I was excited for him and wanted some of that Joy for myself. 

In that joyful moment I created a simple goal to duplicate what he did for his valued Clients, numerous times in my life. 

Now, with over 500 homes sold in the Chicago Southland, I can confidently say making that one goal call out to me daily, draw me to it daily, has payed so many positive dividends to me.  It is the Gift that keeps on giving to me.  Here is a song from my all time favorite Artists to demonstrate how I use the Gift of music to keep me in the Joy of my work.  Please apply what George shares along with Joy, and I promise you an amazing journey to goals reached, and new goals having to be created.

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I have been involved in sales for over 37 years now.  During those 37 years, I have attend several seminars, and listen to even more presentations on how to be successful in sales.  Two thing that always comes through loud and clear, and are common in every presentation that I have listened to, is that in order To Be Successful In Sales You have To Market Yourself.  The other is that most of the  presenters seem to present the process of marketing yourself much more complicated than it needs to be. 

The methods that I have found to market myself that have worked the best, are the ones that are the most simple, but utilize a lot of common sense.  For me the most effective suggestions would be:

  • Product Knowledge - you cannot sell effectively what you do not know or understand.  If you know your product better than anyone else, it comes through with every word you say.  You don't have to tell others how knowledgeable you are about the product, it will be obvious.
  • Know Your Customers - Know what their needs and expectations are.  This means you have to:
    • Listen, there is a reason why we have two ears, but just one mouth, and
    • Maintain contact by following up with your customers often.
  • Be Unique - Make your customers feel that you are able to do for them what know one else can, and you will create Raving Fans.
  •  Be Visible - this means that you have to be out in the community and make yourself a part of the life of the community.  Network whenever possible, and participate in community events.
  • Be Persistent - don't give up the first time something fails, give it a chance.  Not everything is an instant success, in fact the things that are most successful are the ones that we continuously work at.
  • Have A Plan - it is best if you write down what you want to do and how you want to accomplish it.  In order to get to where your going you need a map with clear directions of how to get there.

It is that simple, and most of what I listed above requires very little money to do, but it does require a major investment of yourself.  Don't over think things, and keep it simple.  To Be Successful In Sales You have To  Market Yourself, and if you truly follow through on the six suggestion above you will accomplish that.


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George Souto is a Loan Officer who can assist you with all your FHA, CHFA, and Conventional mortgage needs in Connecticut. George resides in Middlesex County which includes Middletown, Middlefield, Durham, Cromwell, Portland, Higganum, Haddam, East Haddam, Chester, Deep River, and Essex. George can be contacted at (860) 573-1308 or

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Absolutely right, Dale.  Marketing is imperative to success.  Best of luck to you!

Jan 08, 2013 10:19 PM
Stephanie Roddy

Very enlighting.One ? where can I purchase that beatiful art piece?

Jan 16, 2013 12:43 PM
Dale Taylor
Re/Max 10 New Lenox Illinois - Frankfort, IL
Realtor = Chicago Illinois Homes Townhomes Condos

Stephanie I have purchased most of my art work through hosting art parties.  There is a company headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois called Artistic Impressions.  They may have representatives in your area?   There is a second company, but I can't think of their name now.  The next best source is those starving artist shows, which should start being advertised around this time of the year.  They're usually held at a local hotel in your area?

Jan 16, 2013 01:54 PM

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