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What should you except from a designer?

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Interior Decorators & Designers,  what to expect from one! 

Designers are aware of the impact of the physical interior environment on the occupants' lives. The need for adequate shelter is only the beginning.

The environment must promote the comfort and convenience of the users, both physically and psychologically, while taking into account economic realities. Meeting human needs in specific environments, whether residential or commercial, requires a balance of technical knowledge and appreciation of quality aesthetics.

The goal when planning a structure should be the integration of the basic requirements for an efficient and aesthetically pleasing space. If the interior space satisfies the function requested by the client, meeting the aesthetic criteria of the design and is completed within the client's economic directives, the project is a success!

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On-Site Designer

Oversee your project from start to finish! The Designer with help you with all your Construction questions, Design Dileama's Floor Plans, Organization, Furniture Placement, Decorate, Color Choices, Staging for Resale and so forth.

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