I am looking for a website that would work with Encompass 360

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Hi AR Friends!

I have a quick technology question for you. The mortgage company I work for uses Encompass 360. I have a website page in my company’s website but I would like to have my own for prospecting purposes.

Do you know of a vendor that could help me create a website that would work with my Encompass 360 seamlessly? I would prefer a company that already has worked with Encompass templates. I would also prefer a content management system like a WordPress so I can make changes myself.

I have used CalyxPoint’s website before but is has been a while. I am hoping for a solution that works with Encompas.

I would also consider using a WordPress solution if it was not too expensive or difficult to administer.  

Your feedback would be great! Thanks for reading my post.


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Boyd McClean
Trinity Sagebrush Marketing Ltd - Adkins, TX
Boyd McClean

Why not ask the creator of Encompess 360 this same question.


You can have a WP site created for you for $%.00 on www.Fiverr.com.

Decide on whether you want Word Press.com or WP.org. Do a google search

to explain the difference.

Jan 09, 2013 10:55 AM
Ingrid Laine
Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. - Virginia Beach, VA
Loan Officer


I tried to call Encompass360 only to get on perma-hold and then prompted to leave a message. Thank you for the fiverr.com recommendation. I will look into that.


Jan 09, 2013 11:11 AM