Yesterday Sometimes Does't Work Today

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There are very  few things we can predict the outcome of on a daily basis. You know what I mean. The best laid business plan that worked real well yesterday, your computer working just because it did yesterday, making it to an appointment on time when your car won't start, but it did yesterday. A client that is late or doesn't show up. I can go on and on.

We have all had to deal with those annoying things getting in the way of our pre-planned calendars .

I don't know about you but my appointments fill up pretty quickly. When it all does not go smoothly, things  have to be shifted to another time or another day.

How much time to you allot for an appointment? How do you fit everything into your schedule when these things happen?  Is it fair that one client uses the time of another's. How do you move things around on your calendar when someone  cancels at the last minute for unforeseen circumstances?

Yesterday was smooth sailing. Everything went wrong today. How do you handle it if there isn't any more time?

I  leave  Friday open for all the miss-haps.



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