Late Night Real Estate Infomercials

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I have always noticed the late night infomercials on my sattelite menu that start to appear right about the time I'm getting ready for bed. And while travleling I have come across these ads in hotels too.  Despite the fact the house flipping sport is slowing down, they seem to still be spending thousands on TV ads. 

So.... is there more to the story?  Are any of you in the know about these infomercials with a title that usually reads "How To Make Millions in Real Estate" ?  Maybe I should not be so judgmental, as it is possible some of them may contain information based on sound business principles.

I welcome your feedback.  Are they good?  Maybe I'm the only one on the planet that has not purchased them.  Please give me the good and the bad news.  I wonder how many of our clients watch them?  Below is a photo of my investment property I call "Old Red"



Bruce Garber



"Old Red"  A good old investment property that has treated me right with positive cash flow, appreciation, and renovation experience.  I also let renters stay in the property while they are shopping for real estate - through our company of course.

 Old Red








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