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2012 was a fantastic year for our team at Concierge Auctions.  I wanted to write about our year in review before last year ended, but just didn't get the opportunity.

When I joined Concierge Auctions 3 years ago the profile of our clients selling their properties via auction was significantly different.  We had several notable high new worth clients in 2012 that were non-distressed and chose to sell through auction.  

In the process we had a number of notable sales for 2012, including:

Champ d'Or, near Dallas, TX, sold on March 30th.  Champ d'Or is one of the most spectacular properties that I have ever seen.  The home is a 48,000 square foot French chateau on 39 acres. 

Pa Gomo, Telluride, CO sold on July 12.  Pa Gomo is my absolute favorite property in the rocky mountain west.  If you know me, you know that I lived in Aspen for six years and have been to every ski town in the west.  Pa Gomo, designed by Jack Snow from RKD Architects is just one of those extremely special places.  The property sold for $13.2 million, which marked the highest priced paid for a property in Telluride, Colorado in the last 5 years.

Pa Gomo Living Room


Robert Taylor Ranch, Brentwood, CA sold on November 30th.  Robert Talyor was an extremely unique property that we sold in conjunction with Marcie Hartley and Aaaron Kirman from Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills.  RTR was another one of our record sales for the year again bringing $13.2 million at auction.  


In summary the year was fast paced and very exciting.  The improvement in the luxury real estate market was also reflected in our auctions.  Three years ago the average number of bidders at one of our auctions would have been five.  In 2012 we average 11 bidders at every sale for each property, had an average of 586 inquiries per property and averaged 68 showings in a 30 day period.

I am very proud of our team and what we have accomplished and really looking forward to what is to come in 2013.


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