fixer in renton 5 bedroom 4 baths home for sale 95 percent complete

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Affordable Fixer available in New Renton/Lower Kennydale


Views of Lake Washington are reserved for the upstairs Master and Guests.   Bring your family and friends, as there’s room for all to live in this 5 bedrooms and 4 full baths home for sale in Kennydale!  Don’t be slow or you may be disappointed - finding a “Sold” sign on your dream can be just that.  In this market genuine fixers that are properly valued  are rare, but here an astute buyer can capitalize on circumstances.


2422 Meadow Ave N., Lower Kennydale (Renton Proper) 98056
We all know completion is a matter of perspective - so my wife tells me.  This home is, I’m told, 90% complete.  Which means you have the opportunity of garnering the financial benefit of doing the other 10% yourself, finishing it the way that makes you both happy. Giving you the potential of enjoying future appreciation benefits.

Doing the work yourself guarantees it’s done your way.  Live in it comfortably, enjoy your Lake Washington views, while personally optimizing the value.  You can do it, keep it, or flip it again, all at your discretion.  But you need to see it to recognize the value of getting a fixer in Kennydale.

5 bedroom 4 baths fixer for sale in renton

Come in - the spaciousness will encourage you immediately.  Family room to kitchen transitions well, you will use it as your personal palette for updates in theme and color, easily.  Functional work includes kitchen functionality accessories, such as cabinet pulls (do we all need handles?) and stove hood (must have!).  Hmmm.  Not so major.



fixer for sale in renton/kennydale

All work and good play will make you appreciate the Master Bedroom arrangement all the more.  Looks like it’s handling a California King adequately but a Queen would be neater, allowing more navigability.


fixer for sale in renton/kennydale

Finding a home with a true upside potential in this market is rare at best.  Finding this 5 bedroom 3 bath home for sale in Kennydale is a gem in the making.  Be prepared for a delightful surprise.

This is the lower ADU unfinished kitchen, dining room and living room.  Complete the scene at your own discretion!

5 bedroom 4 baths fixer for sale in renton

5 bedrooms 4 baths fixer for sale in renton

Offered at $415,000 - SOLD AS IS SO BE PREPARED!


Let’s make this the realization of your goals and searching about.  Let’s make this your next home! 


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