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 Harbour Equity Partners is considering independent loan originators for our private banking programs. Harbour Equity Partners, and SuperJumboLoans.info, have consolidated valuable banking resources that provide real financing for a select niche of borrower. We have developed this site to zero-in on the side of investment banking, and this transactional business that we can get done. If you are a transactional broker or originator, you know how hard it is to find a relationship that will provide the financing that works without smoke and mirrors. With the financing world ever changing, the environment is cluttered with financing options that don’t have real value, or the ability to follow through all the way to getting you paid.

With the products and programs our fund offers we feel we have the perfect balance that meets your goal to be successful. This web site provides the resources you need in a simple format to qualify high net worth clients and to get paid so you can build your business.

In April 2010 CNN reported that there are just under 1 million millionaires with a net worth over 5 million dollars. Those are your prospective clients. Note our originators are able provide loans in all 50 states as you oour be covered under Harbour Equity Partners as a consultant.

 For details on becoming an originator of these products please see the web site under the following pages.



Super Jumbo Loan Programs

This page will provide guidelines for the super jumbo loan programs. It's important to remember there is no matrix to private banking loans as loan products are customized and often combined with other products to achieve the borrower’s end goal.


Q&A Section <http://superjumboloans.info/>

This section provides answers to the most commonly asked question. Please review this section in detail before inquiring, it is very helpful in providing answers that tend to consume our day.

Loan Originator Signup

This section explains the process of originating private banking transactions and allows you to sign up and be paid as a consultant of private banking loans


For more information please email us at info@superjumboloans.info or call 631-757-9700 x12


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