5 Things To Help Make The Move Hassle Free

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5 Things To Do To Make Moving Day Hassle Free

Selling or Buying a home can be a very exciting yet a stressful event. Working from a check list helps to keep things organized and on schedule.

While you are waiting for settlement day here is 5 things you can do to make the move easier and  hassle free.

  1. Contact the Movers and Schedule Moving Day: Schedule the move out date 1 to 2 days prior to your settlement date or move out date if you are the Seller.  If you are the Buyer schedule the movers for 1-2 days after the settlement date or possession date. This will give you time to take care of having the house cleaned before moving.
  2. Coordinate Utilities Transfer of Service:. Contact your electric, gas and water companies at least one week in advance.  Sellers have the service transferred out of your name on the day of settlement or the day you vacate. Buyers coordinate the transfer of service for either the settlement date or the day you take possession.
  3. Put In A Change Of Address At:
    1. Bank
    2. Employers
    3. Schools
    4. Post Office
    5. Magazines
    6. Insurance Company
    7. All Investment Accounts
    8. Credit Card Companies
    9. Clubs and Organizations
  4. Secure Records if you are moving out of the area or school district.
    1. School Records for each Child
    2. Medical Records for each Member of your family
    3. Dentist Records for each member of your family.
    4. Pet Records from the Veterinarian.
  5. Notify Service Providers of Change or Discontinuation of Service:
    1. Stop Auto Payment for Current Mortgage
    2. Homeowners Insurance company
    3. Home Telephone
    4. Cable Television
    5. Internet Provider
    6. Lawn Service
    7. Newspaper
    8. Dog walkers

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Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

It's surprisingly easy to overlook some of these...good list.

Jan 12, 2013 01:48 AM