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This is a must-read before listing your house.  Sussie has provided some great tips about curb appeal that are so important when selling.  Buyers usually make up their mind about a home before they ever walk in the front door.  What they see when they pull up in front can really make or break that sale.  Follow Sussie's tips and you're sure to cross that first hurdle.

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Curb appeal is very important if you are selling your home. Your yard is the first thing that a home buyer will see when driving by.  It is a fact that many home buyers search the web for homes that are for sell. They get the addresses and drive by to take a look at the home and neighborhood. The yard must want to make a potential home buyer to want to look inside your home.

I suggest you stand in the middle of the street in front of your yard and take a picture. Now at this point you may think that your yard frontage looks okay or even pretty good. Let’s go one step further and take that picture and drive to neighborhoods where there are homes for sale. How does your front yard rate to theirs? Are you giving yourself and “A” or an “F”?

You may want to hire a gardener to put in some flower beds or just revitalize the current ones you have. Be sure to put in some flowering plants along with some greens plants. If you have a tree in your front yard, note to see if it needs a trim.

 You or your gardener should keep the lawn neatly mowed and edged at all times. If your grass is dead consider having new grass purchased and planted. Having dead grass will do nothing to sell your home.

Have a brick home? Try a little power washing to get old green mold off the lower part of your home or just to wash away some of the dirt and grime. Consider painting the outside of your home if it is not a brick home. Make sure your home will not color clash with the homes next door to you. If they have pastel colored painted homes then so should you.

The front door to your home should “pop” with color. The walls surrounding your door should be clean and freshly painted. A new welcome matt should sit at the doors entrance and the area should be swept daily. A buyer will summarize your entire home in the two minutes while they are waiting at your front door for their agent to let them inside.

Freshen up you home address numbers and make sure they can be seen from the street! Take a look at your mail box. Is it affixed to your wall or is it a curb side mail box. Mine is curbside and I am considering having a brick tower for my mail box with a side flower box.

Let’s talk driveways, do you have greasy spots? Then you need to clean those off and make sure it stays swept too. Your garage door if seen from the street should be scrutinized also.

My best advice is to look at a home that you have admired from the street; try to make your home look like that. You have to be proactive in selling your home. A Realtor® can bring dozens of people to see your home; so help them sell your home.

Remember you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.


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Curb Appeal is one of the most important things next to proper pricing.

Jan 12, 2013 11:56 PM