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There are some ideas in this blog from which we could all benefit. Especially the part about an county aerial survey map. This is so easy to do since we all have access to Google Earth.

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Okay, between you and your Buyer’s Agent you’ve come up with a list of houses that seem like they'll fit into the parameters of what you think you want. Now, you’re ready to meet with the agent and go take a look at those houses. Beyond a key to the house, what kind of information should your Buyer‘s Agent be ready to supply you?


At MoonDancer Realty, we’re prepared to give you a manageable packet of details. For each house that we are going to look at together you can expect to see the following:


  • Multiple Listing Service information sheet, complete with directions to the property so that you’ll be able to drive by yourself later to check out the neighborhood on your own.
  • County aerial survey map showing approximate property lines, neighboring properties and contour lines which is maybe a little more important here in the mountains than in a flat area.
  • Residential Review List which will help you be able to make sense of the property and differentiate from the other listings you’ll look at. No matter how enthusiastic you are about looking at houses, by the end of the day they can all morph into each other and it’s easy to forget which one was which.


Buyer's Packet


As Buyers’ Agents we will tell you how many days on market each property has plus the assessed tax value and you’ll be able to add that information to your Residential Review Lists. On the properties you have particular interest in we will provide Homeowner Association Dues and the county and town annual taxes. We want to be sure you have all the data you need to make an informed choice on the house that best suits your needs.


Once you’ve narrowed your choices into a shorter list of properties, then we’ll provide you with copies of the NC Residential Property Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Addendum (if applicable), Restrictive Covenants, Tax Cards plus answers to any of the questions that may have occurred to you about the property.


Buyer’s Agents aren’t there strictly to unlock doors for you, they are there to help you distill the details about properties and in order for that to happen, you have every right to expect the agents to be ready to supply you with good information right from the beginning.



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